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  1. bioterrors:

    when you walk into the auditorium and your athlete son and his athlete best friend are preparing for a play by painting a wooden tree that is a part of the set


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  2. Darren Criss, Joey Richter and Brian Rosenthal singing screaming along to Taylor Swift’s ”I Knew You Were Trouble” at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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  3. lucasbieneke:

    never i repeat never put on time warp at a party unless you want the theatre kids to destroy your house

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  4. maruti-bitamin:

    A ghost who likes to hold things.

    8 page 4x5 mini zine. 

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  5. smoakandswan:

    captain swan + being quite perceptive

  6. swanshope:

Killian ‘actual heart eyes’ Jones  


    Killian ‘actual heart eyes’ Jones  

  7. mintchocotea:

    Killian Jones + Always supporting his Swan.

  8. meowdonoghue:

    The smile that killed all the fangirls and Emma

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